The Scottish Oats Bible


Oats are one of Scotland’s most iconic foods and their versatile qualities are once again being appreciated.  The perfect grain for a wheat-free diet, oats have many health benefits. But they also pair deliciously with many other ingredients.

in this book Nichola Fletcher presents 50 recipes both traditional and innovative.  The sections - breakfasts, savoury dishes, desserts, baking, drinks and beauty - include Mussel Brose, Pheasant Breasts with Bacon Skirlie, Orange and Cardamon Oatmeal Custard, and Oatmeal Smoothies, not forgetting porridge, haggis, knotty Tams and oatcakes.  Through them all, oats take centre stage.

• Dimensions 16 cm x 11 cm

• Soft back

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