The Farm and Our History

Our History

Gloagburn has been farmed by the Niven family since 1924 when John Niven moved from Fife to Perthshire aged 24 to start his farming career. His son Jo joined him in 1946 on completion of his school days when Aberdeen Angus cattle were the mainstay of the farm. In 1982 after completing his Agricultural degree at Newcastle University, 3rd generation Ian joined the business which by this time had become a more arable based operation. Expansion of the acreage occurred in 1997 and 2010 with the addition of two nearby units. The hens were a small part of the farming business until the mid 1990s when Alison and 4th generation Fergus gradually developed our flock with numbers today at approximately 4,600.

The Farm

A mixture of arable crops are grown on the 450 acre site at Gloagburn. A large proportion of the winter barley, winter oats, spring barley and spring oats are grown for seed production. Oil seed rape and winter wheat make up the remainder of the combinable crops of which some of the wheat is used for feeding our 4,600 free range hens. Turnips and potatoes are grown destined for the supermarkets and the grassland is grazed by beef cows and calves.